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If you're a business doing over $250k a year in recurring revenue, you might just be a few strategies, tactics, and tools away from recovering up to 80% of revenue that would otherwise be lost!

In this 30-minute demo, our Recovery Specialist will...

Important: This is a review session, not a “sales call.” We never make recommendations until we know how much you’re losing and if we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gravy offers Done For You payment recovery services. This means you pay less than a part-time person and get an entire team of great humans based in the US who follow up on all your failed payments or subscriptions.

You get done for you people, process, and performance metrics instantly.

Gravy assists with failed payments by taking a one-by-one approach to each failed payment. This means, that behind every payment is a person, and we use email & text communication to win each customer back to your business. We use a 30-day follow-up process to ensure we get customized communication to every single customer to keep them paying and staying.

In the meeting, we will assess the 3 key components of failed payment recovery and your team. Is there clear ownership and accountability? What is the skill set and focus of the person supposedly doing this, or is there a gap there? Could they be used more beneficially for the business?

We will look at your tech stack and systems and make suggestions on what you can do to tightly up the process.

We will dive into your data and look for true performance metrics and scorecards.

If you can’t see the details, you are losing a lot of money.

Our meeting will last 30 minutes with very clear action items and outcomes from the time together.

No, there is no fee for scheduling time with us.

If you have a recurring billing model, we can serve you!

You can best prepare for the meeting by pulling your failed payment data out of the technology you use.

If you don’t know how to do this, we can do it together on the call. Without your data, it’s hard to make good decisions.

The next step after the meeting will be an assessment to determine whether Gravy can make you a lot of money for free.

If we can, we will create a price that’s based on your volume of failed payments. Our pricing is a flat fee & we guarantee that you will never lose money with us, and we will ROI you.

Since 2012, we've returned $1,007,000,568 (and counting) back to our clients like...

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Who is Gravy?

We’re the only full-service—100% done for you—payment recovery partner. We’re a white-label solution that acts on your behalf. We talk, look, and work with the same care and respect you would give to your customers. Win back payments using humans, not robotic automation, ensuring the highest level of security when dealing with sensitive customer information.

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